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Occupier Solutions

Regional, enterprise class data centres providing lower operating costs. Portal colocation data centres offer you all the benefits of a purpose built centre without the need for large capital investment

Occupier Solutions

Property Portfolio Restructuring: Utilise Portal's expertise to remove the capital expense barrier and optimise your property portfolio for maximum cost efficency.

Occupier Solutions

Portal provides Occupier Solutions that are: Proven to be cost effective - Capex free - Unrivalled in flexibility - Unique in their risk mitigating benefits to the client

Occupier Solutions

"Portal stepped-in and suggested a third-way; an approach to property procurement that would enable us to occupy our preferred choice immediately, on a managed rather than leased basis." Vanquis Bank

Vanquis Bank
Occupier Solutions

"What Portal provide is more choice, another weapon in the property and facility manager's armoury. In an ever changing market, it could just be the perfect solution" E.ON

Occupier Solutions - a new perspective on accommodation provisioning

Occupier Solutions is a unique approach to Managed Office Solutions. It is a cost-efficient, low risk, business driven approach to property acquisition, delivery and management.

We source and where necessary restructure existing property and property commitments to deliver the accommodation corporate organisations need to match their dynamic business commitments

Our Occupier Solutions are fully managed, flexible, and comprise all the capital expenditure components within a fixed price operational contract (including FM and IT infrastructure). 

At Portal, we think business not buildings.

All our Occupier Solutions adopt the same business approach to property

  • Lower cost – the solution has been proven by industry experts to cost less than traditional methods such as lease or buy
  • Capex free – Portal’s fixed price contract is delivered on a per workstation per month basis, giving you cost certainty for the contract term
  • Speed to market – adapt your accommodation portfolio to meet your business needs more quickly and effectively
  • Mitigated risk – the associated risks are transferred to Portal, meaning you can focus on your core business
  • Complete managed solution – Portal take care of everything, including; source, acquisition, fit-out, FM, and all IT infrastructure support to agreed service levels
  • Clean exit – you can walk away at the end of the contract with no dilapidations, legal fees or overhang lease liability


Our core Occupier Solutions are:

Managed Office Solutions

Our ‘Occupier Solutions’ is a new cost-efficient perspective on managed accommodation provisioning

Property Portfolio Restructuring

Remove the capital expense barrier and optimise your property portfolio

Data Centre Solutions

Portal Data Centres provide colocation and dedicated solocation capability. Portal differentiate from other colocation providers by offering wholesale pricing with a commitment term that mirrors IT business needs. Regional UK Data centres that offer the assurance of measured and certified performance at a range of locations, including Birmingham datacentre and Manchester datacentre facilities.




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